Make a difference at FBC Lindale

Christian relationships are different than anything that the world has to offer.

As Christians, our friendships are based not on common interests but on a common Savior. So we go deep with one another, sharpen one another, love one another, and speak the truth to one another.

We want to see the members in our church develop authentic, accountable relationships with each other and to watch over, encourage, and pray for one another. Alongside our Sunday School classes, our small groups provide another great context for discipling through personal relationships.

Women’s Groups

We desire to equip women to be loving disciples of Jesus Christ, encouraging them to live God-dependent lives through the diligent study of God’s Word

Men’s Groups

Godly men who’ve been transformed by the gospel are the key to healthy families, churches, and communities

Senior Adult Groups

Serving senior adults within our church and reaching out to those outside it

Student Ministry

Empowering students with the truth from God’s word as they move in their walk with Christ from belief to conviction