We are strongly committed to a Word-centered, inter-generational music ministry

Worship at FBC Lindale

Many churches describe their music according to styles and personalities, but we choose to focus on those things that we have in common rather than those things that could potentially divide us: we sing the clear truths of God’s Word and praise Him for His works of grace.

That’s not to say that we don’t think about our style of music. In fact, we’re excited about the diverse selection of varying styles we do employ. But instead of letting personal preferences drive the music of our church, we use biblical criteria to guide our thoughts about style rather than human preferences. Standards such as excellence, singability, and inclusiveness are held at a higher level of importance than entertainment quality, emotive power, or popularity.

The centerpiece of our music ministry is our congregational singing. Much of what we work toward is how to encourage the entire congregation to sing God’s Word together. There are several other ways to get involved in our music ministry.

Contact us about participating in any of the following:

  • The FBC Choir
  • The FBC Band
  • Technology and A/V Support
  • KidsCore: Our Children’s Music Program
  • Student Band
  • Senior Adult Choir
  • Various Other Ensembles