FBC Lindale Music Playlists

At FBC Lindale, we’re committed to selecting musically accessible, doctrinally rich, and gospel-centered music for our worship services. This commitment means we don’t always sing the most popular or familiar songs. We know that there is a bit of a learning curve for congregational singing at FBC. The playlists below were compiled to equip you for the blessing of singing together. Although the arrangements in the playlists are not always the arrangements we sing together, listening to the playlists will help you learn the songs we sing together, preparing you for the wondrous joy of congregational worship.

FBC Lindale Congregational Music (Spotify)
FBC Lindale Congregational Music (Apple Music)

FBC Lindale Performed Music (Spotify)
FBC Lindale Performed Music (Apple Music)

FBC Lindale Christmas Music (Spotify)
FBC Lindale Christmas Music (Apple Music)