Drive-In Worship Services – 10:30 AM

Starting this Sunday, April 26, we will begin drive-in worship services. The ‘platform’ will be the Education Center door steps. We will park in the large east parking lot, facing the Education Center building. Pastor Tom has recorded a video detailing the service: Link to the video

  • The worship service will be 45 minutes long, beginning promptly at 10:30 am and ending at 11:15 am.
  • The service will be live-streamed on Facebook Live for those unable to attend: FBC Lindale Facebook Page
  • Lyrics for the songs each week are available here: Song Lyrics for Sunday Worship. You can save the words on your phone or print them at home.
  • We will hire two Lindale Police Officers for safety and traffic control.
  • You can come as early as you want, but please fill in the middle section first, leaving the edges of the parking lot for latecomers and those who may need to leave before the service is finished.
  • We have received instructions from the Lindale PD that we may not leave our vehicles, but we can roll down our windows all the way, as long as there is no physical contact between occupants of vehicles.
  • Bathrooms will not be available.
  • Please enter our parking lot through South Street, Hubbard, or Commerce Street.
  • Van Street, in front of the Student Center, will be inaccessible. 
  • Please park along Commerce Street only if you think that you will not leave before the service is finished.