Dear FBC Family,

There is no doubt that the current crisis concerning the COVID-19 virus has impacted many aspects of our everyday lives. However, as believers, we know that we have a hope in Christ that does not fade, regardless of what temporal trials we face. We pray ultimately that your eyes would be fixed on Jesus as we endure these difficult days in our country, and that the gospel would remind you of your eternal hope in Christ.

The church is a body with many members, and as members of one another, we should strive to help one another in times of need. This is why the Benevolence Committee exists. We know that many of you already serve the needs of each other in many ways – and we praise God for that! However, we also know that trying times like these may create significant hardships for some of our individuals and families within the church.

This is why we want to remind you that the Benevolence Committee wants to hear from you if you or your family is in need during this time. The Benevolence fund is meant to help church members in their time of need, and we prayerfully consider each request for help on a case by case basis. If because of this COVID-19 crisis you find yourself in a time of practical hardship, please don’t hesitate to contact pastor Chris Dilley, or committee chair and deacon Wayne Yancey to get the process started. You can reach them by contacting the church office at (903) 882-3396.

As a committee, we would also like to ask any church members who are interested in helping others during this time to contact us as well. We have already heard from many in our church who want help serve others during this trying time in our community, and we are thankful for that. If you are interested in helping church members who are in need with things such as running errands, lawn work, etc., please contact us and we will do our best to connect you with someone in our church who is in need.

As difficult as this time is for all of us, it is also a wonderful opportunity for the body of Christ to love one another well. We pray that we as a committee, and the whole church together can live out the spirit of community and generosity that we see in the early church in Acts 2:45: “And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.”

In Him,

FBC Lindale Benevolence Committee