Our church sees both corporate worship and Sunday Schools as crucial for individual spiritual growth. Our first priority is corporate worship because it allows us to demonstrate our unity as we all come together as one to worship God, hear from His Word, and encourage one another.

But in a church of our size, it is impossible to form the depth of relationships that the Bible commends without a smaller setting. That’s where the adult Sunday Schools come in. God has designed us to grow in relationships with one another as we love one another and speak truth to one another. We need the intimacy of smaller group settings in order to grow.

Our Sunday Schools are designed to help each one of us become fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. We want people to be conformed to His image: having His mind and acting according to His righteousness. This happens as we dig into His Word, allowing the Holy Spirit’s sword to do its work (Ephesians 6:17), and as we lovingly speak truth into one another’s lives (Ephesians 4:11-16). Our Sunday Schools are built around the inseparable pair of truth and relationship.

We have a large variety of classes: different sizes, different teaching styles, and different age groups.

Contact Gabe Hughes to help you find what class might be the best fit for you.